Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year, new outlook

So people's suggestion on here have been, be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. I suppose I could only talk about etsy and keep my personal life out of it completely, but that wouldn't really be following the rules of being myself, now would it? :)
So, just to give a little info about myself: I'm Michelle--21 years old, a junior at UMass. I've been interested in crafting since as long as I can remember but never thought I was talented enough to do much of anything. I suppose that's more lack of faith in me than anything else. I have that problem a lot! Last August, as I mentioned in my first blog, I found etsy and just had to give it a shot. I've been so grateful for having an outlet to relieve stress, to get out tension. 2008 was a very rough year on me, and my family and I'm just extremely glad to be out of it. And incase the jerk ex-boyfriend happens to read this: I'm still not over what you did! (ha).

But enough of that. I'll not bore you all with the gory details of my bad luck last year. I'll keep personal stuff to a minimum, perhaps, and get back to etsy for now. Today's my first feature artist:

PrettyPixels has been one of my favorite people I've met because of etsy. She seems to me to be the type of artist that goes unnoticed and I haven't figured out why yet. I'm sure I never will. She's extremely talented and by far the most pleasant person to talk to on there. She deserves the promotion and absolutely deserves being noticed. Check her out!

Digital Love 50 page notepad

And that's all for now, folks.... Please be sure to check out PrettyPixels & hell, check me out too: Pinkflowercube.


  1. What a great post! I am a junior at Michigan State University! Happy Spring Semester to you!

  2. Thanks! :D Happy Spring semester to you as well.

  3. Thank you! I'm so honored to be featured in your blog! :)


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