Sunday, April 11, 2010

I ate like a Masshole today!

Dunkin Donuts breakfast makes the morning so much better! My belly is full(ish) and my fingers are ready to create new goodies! I'm just about done listing the glass pendants in my shop. I started making 20 and have listed them slowly, but I'm down to about 5 left and then I'll just have to create new ones!

I've been writing down/drawing ideas every second of the day they come to me and so far I've filled two pages front and back of new projects I want to work on for the shop. School has about 3 weeks left and then I'll be free to create as much as I can handle! I'm thoroughly looking forward to it!

I'll TRY to post back more often than I have been... it's so difficult to manage all the time I spend with school, Etsy, my job, 'etc. But I'll try!

Anyway... more cuteness:

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