Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New items, new updates

Hi all :)

Second post in a day.... that can't be good! Although, it's after midnight, so I suppose I'm in the clear. I'm "busy" with the family--watching them play Mario Kart Wii right now. Can that game be anymore stressful?! I freak out any time I play it, but it's incredibly addicting, I must admit.
I'm updating with a few of the new items I posted earlier today. Also, I'm going to be selecting my first feature for the blog, so beware!

Hope everyone is well!


Slow sales

I was really dreading this time--the slowing down of sales. I've been using etsy as an excuse to not get a part time job, due to the fact that I'm currently a full time student, and let's be honest: etsy is much more fun than any job you can get! But it seems that I'm edging upon that time when I'll have to decide whether or not I value buying groceries enough to get a job. :X Not a fun time.

Until the end of the year, I have the following great items on sale. Check them out!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I stumbled upon etsy in August and became a buyer before I became a seller. My first purchase was a cute little set of penguin stud earrings from a wonderful girl named Emily. She was kind enough to give me a few pointers, tips and such on how to setup my own shop, and that's where it all started. Ever since, I've been trying to figure out new, inventive ways to promote my shop and I figured this would be the next route I'd take.
In my first 4 and a half months on etsy, I've sold 93 items! This may seem like only a few, but each and every sale I was beyond happy about. Slowly, I've gained views, hearts, and of course sales, and feel right at home. I'd like to use this blog to feature any tips and opinions I have to share with newer artists out there. We all start somewhere! Also, once a week I'm going to be featuring an individual shop. If time permits, I'll gladly feature more than one. I'm excited about this new little adventure and can't wait to see it really getting started.

Please check me out at:

Look forward to hearing from you all. :D

Are you having an Easter sale?

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